When GlobalGeeks, a technology solutions company, was founded in January 2018, Chief Operating Officer, Kalid (Kal) Loul, knew he wanted to provide something more. Kal is passionate about diversity and inclusion within the company’s staff. “I have a cousin who was diagnosed with autism at birth,” Kal reveals, “I wanted to include individuals with autism to increase awareness and show the world that uniquely abled individuals have a place in the professional world.” In May of 2018, Kal met Janeene Martin of Jewish Family and Children’s Services and Job Developer of Jefferson Health Project SEARCH. Project SEARCH is a transition-to-work program for individuals with intellectual disabilities that takes place entirely at the workplace. The program at Jefferson, partners with Next for Autism which provides an autism enhancement component and specialized instruction throughout the year.

Soon to be a graduate of the program, Tyler Falk, was connected with Kal through Janeene, who was the support throughout the recruiting process. Tyler has always loved technology and computers. “I’ve fixed computers and phones since I was ten years old. I used to take them apart, build them and put them back together so it influenced my decision to pursue the technology field.” Through Project SEARCH, he had the opportunity to intern in the IT Department which further strengthened Tyler’s innate ability to fix electronics. Tyler officially joined GlobalGeeks in June 2018 and immediately became an integral part of the team. Kal states, “Tyler contributes to the success of our company by managing our IT Department with very little direction.” With almost 50 employees, two Wi-Fi networks, and multiple printers to manage, Tyler is consistently busy, but always happy and patient with every one of his coworkers. Cynthia, a Grading and Testing Technician, started on the same day as Tyler, and the two worked closely throughout their training. “Tyler is one of the happiest people ever,” recalling his positive attitude and enthusiasm not only during training but every day when he shows up to work. 

Tyler expressed how much he has learned from being a part of the GlobalGeeks team. “I’ve learned about teamwork and cooperation, and the importance of certain rules and responsibilities that are required in the workplace.” His coworkers echo his sentiments, stating that he is always checking in with other departments that may need assistance, truly building a sense of community that is so important to GlobalGeeks’ culture. Shaquera, Grading Lead, frequently works with Tyler when he offers to inspect devices, and says “Tyler is wonderful, just an excellent worker.” 

Tyler has been embraced as part of not only a team but a family. When asked about his favorite part of working at GlobalGeeks, Tyler said, “the atmosphere. Everyone is always willing to work with each other; it is always fun. It’s a safe place to be. I’ve always enjoyed it here. It’s like, we’re a family.”

At Dominican University in Chicago, IL, Kal received his Masters of Business Administration (with minors in Finance, Marketing, and Human Resources). While there, a central part of the curriculum was the study of diversity. This inspired him to promote a diverse work environment as an entrepreneur, including future initiatives such as an employee training course and a company retreat in order to encourage teamwork and to build a sense of community within the work environment. He recently returned to his alma mater where he presented to the Dean and Vice President about inclusivity and diversity at GlobalGeeks. The goal for GlobalGeeks is to continue to promote diversity of every kind. “When you create a diverse working environment you are able to educate fellow employees about cultural differences, breakdown barriers, and encourage one another to think outside of the box,” says Kal. GlobalGeeks is working hard to remove the stigma that people with disabilities are unable to perform certain tasks effectively and is proud to partner with Project SEARCH to further this mission.

For more information on Project SEARCH, contact Janeene Martin, JFCS Project SEARCH Supervisor, (856) 424-1333 Ext. 1171. You may also visit projectsearch.us